is a new micro-blogging service, from Fuzz, that has a truly brilliant unique selling point - music. Twitter asks 'What are you doing?' but asks instead 'What are you listening to?' You simply search for a tune, scroll through a list of results, preview the ones you like to make sure it's working. Add a message and 'blip' it to the world.

Music is clearly the killer feature here, but that's not the only great thing about It's really easy to find and add people with similar musical tastes. After each post, Blip will show you a handful of others who have recently played the same song, and ask if you want to follow them. Additionally, the main page dynamically loads in new blips, without you having to reload the page. All micro-blogs should do this, but it's particularly hand on Blip as it means you can just keep listening, indefinitely.

I do wonder about the legality of this, but ultimately this could be a great tool for music discovery. Let's hope it survives!

Here, have an invite to, on me.


Not sure where all the tunes are sourced. They seem to vary in length and quality. More of a 'sample' approach with the option to buy (at Amazon!) for a 'legal' copy.

I am liking this a lot, makes a nice change from telling everyone what you are eating or talking about tech all the time.

It will benefit from more features but please, please don't turn into another facebook!

On a practical level I have been introduced to some remixes missing from my iTunes collection.

If you like music and sharing tunes and comparing musical taste, then this is for you.

They should put me on commission!

My prediction: The Next Big Thing!

April 11, 2009 at 12:44 PM  

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