Orgoo describes itself as 'your personal communications cockpit'. In real terms this means that you can send and receive email through multiple accounts, through a single inbox (unless you use free Microsoft or Yahoo webmail). It similarly collates all your IM accounts and uses Joopz to let you send SMS messages (in the US and Canada). The interface is one of the cleanest I have used - It's as polished as Yahoo Mail but with more of the simplicity of Gmail.

They recently added video chat to the mix, which is well implemented and promises to be embeddable in the future. You are able to invite anyone by sending them a unique URL, and your guests don't have to be Orgoo members - an open minded approach that makes the service potentially much more useful.

Sadly Orgoo won't become my 'personal communications cockpit' for a while yet, for the simple fact that I would have to pay for my Hotmail and Yahoo services to make it really valuable, and those accounts are not worth the money. Pidgin is a more robust IM client too. I am forever opening and closing Firefox, and I suspect this is pretty common behaviour, so I like to have an IM running constantly in the background and not taking up a tab in my browser.

Also, in my tests Orgoo was deadly slow. It took forever to load up my Gmail inbox and then to view the individual messages. This may well be because of heavy load due to the sudden influx of new users from TechCrunch and the like. There are privacy issues to consider too as you will be trusting this one small company with a lot of your account information and personal data.

That said, I have six invites to hand out. Send your email address to foomandoonian (at), and I'll shoot out invites to the first six requests I get.


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