Jeffro has an interesting article (Un Authorized Syndication) about the pros and cons of allowing readers to subscribe to a full RSS feed, and problem of sploggers.

I weighed in with my perspective:

As a reader, I think full RSS feeds are important. When I stumble across an interesting blog, I add the feed to Google Reader and categorise it. If I notice at this stage that the RSS is truncated, I usually unsubscribe straight away. There is every chance that I will forget all about that site and never return, but if I get a full feed then I will continue to read and occasionally return to the source to make a comment (like now). I also share interesting stories via Reader, which gives the site some additional promotion.
I am sympathetic to the authors, who may want the visits, and I have no answer to the splogger problem (although you have my permission to flog any sploggers that you find!).

Drop on over to the comments and share your opinion.

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