It is being proposed that on May 21st Twitter users should boycott the service to protest the frequent and annoying downtime issues that plague the service. This paragraph seems to sum up the issue best:

Yes, Twitter is a free service. But it’s also a COMMUNITY-driven service. And a nice chunk of the said community is pretty frustrated about the stability of their beloved site. This isn’t a call of distress or aggression. It’s simply a way to show Twitter that we are here, and the downtime effects us. It’s a call to Twitter to choose their scaling scheme effectively and a call for a little stability to a site that’s rapidly becoming a communication mainstay.

I can understand why people are upset, but there is no point in protesting. Every time Twitter goes down, it pisses off thousands of people. Admittedly we're not paying customers, but if we all got fed up and left, they would go from having an unclear business model, to no business at all. The point is, I'm sure they're trying.

Twitter should be doing better than they are, but it's no good to piss and moan. You're just missing your crack fix.


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